Non-Traditional Student Resource Center


Are all the events family friendly?
Yes, families are welcome to join all events. Some events may be catered towards different groups of Non-Traditional Students. It is at the parent's discretion which events they would like to bring their children to.


Are A.S. Childcare Grants only available for undergraduate students?
Yes, A.S. provides childcare grants to undergraduates. However, the Graduate Student Association has childcare grants for graduate students. 
Graduate Student Association Childcare Grant


Where do I go if a staff member is not available in the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center?
Please go to the Women's Center Front Desk, located on the first floor of the Student Resource Building.


Where do I get a Childcare Grant application from? Where do I turn it in? How will I know when the grant is ready?
Childcare Grants may be picked up from the Non-traditional Student Resource Center, the Women's Center, or printed from the CAB website. Applications may be turned in to a Non-traditional Student Resource Center staff member or to the Women's Center Front Desk. CAB will send an email when the grant is ready and can be picked up from the AS ticket office.


When should I apply for Priority Registration?
Priority Registration applications are due before your pass-time for the following quarter. Dates vary and will be announced via email. Students only need to apply once for Priority Registration during their time at UCSB. To received an email announcement join our email list by sending an email request to


How do I learn more?
Stop by the Non-traditional Resource Center located in room 1109 in the Student Resource Building, “like” us on Facebook, or join our email list by sending an email request to