Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity




The RCSGD offers a study and social lounge along with a cyber center featuring new Apple computers. The RCSGD library is comprised of reference books for the LGBTQ minor and over 1,000 books and 300 DVDs. Passive materials are also available to reserve on a variety of topics.


The RCSGD provides students with connections to student organizations as well as campus, local and national resources. The center offers quarterly LGBTQ awareness workshops by request. Topics include: LGBTQ 101, Trans* Identities, Queer People of Color and Religion, Hate Crime Prevention and Intervention, and Safe Zone Training. Sexual health kits are also offered.


The RCSGD mentorship program connects students to a staff or faculty member to guide them throughout the year in their growth and development. The RCSGD also hosts an annual leadership retreat and provides access to local and national conferences.


UCSB is committed to ensuring that the experiences and needs of transgender and genderqueer students are valued and addressed in order to create a safe and welcoming environment for all. Through the ongoing programming, outreach and education efforts of the RCSGD and its campus partners, UCSB is working towards creating and sustaining a campus culture that meets the needs and celebrates the identities of the transgender student population.


S.A.S.S (Society for Accessible and Safe Spaces): A closed transgender student group. Meets 1 PM - 3PM at the Women's Center Conference Room.

Trans* Task Force: A task force dedicated to working towards the inclusion of transgender community members.

Transgender Social Group: An open group for everybody, regardless of gender identity and are open minded and respectful, to come and talk about trans related topics. To contact visit the TSG Facebook.

Undocutrans & Undocuqueer: For more information contact Valera Canales or Rany.

MultiCultural Center (MCC): The MCC offers a weekly open social group and support system for transgender students.

Office of the Registrar: UCSB students can input their preferred name without legal documentation for class rosters.

Student Health: Student Health offers a transgender healthcare specialist to assist students in all of their medical needs.

Gender Inclusive restrooms are available throughout campus, and all newly constructed buildings will have multiple per building

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