Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity

Volunteer Program


The WGSE’s volunteer program is open to all students, staff, and faculty.  The volunteer program is designed to acquaint participants with the mission and work of the WGSE and its programs, as well as the resources available on campus and in the community, with the goal of spreading this knowledge to others.  The program provides individuals with the opportunity to be a social activist, as well as to engage in networking within the UCSB and WGSE communities.  

As part of the volunteer program, you will assist the WGSE in a variety of ways including setting up for and tabling at campus events, flyering to advertise WGSE programs, making class announcements, and assisting with office projects.  The minimum expected commitment is 3 hours a week, including weekly group meetings. However the volunteer program is open to varying degrees of involvement above and beyond this expectation.  



Program Expectations

  1. Attend Volunteer Training
  2. Attend Weekly Volunteer Meetings
  3. Complete a CARE Connect Training (2 Hours)
  4. Complete a SAFE Zone Training (2 Hours)
  5. Volunteer 2-4 hours per week each quarter, including 1 hour weekly meeting
  6. Meet with Volunteer Coordinator at the end of each quarter for a Quarterly Evaluation & Check-In
Program Benefits

Volunteering can have both personal and professional benefits, including the opportunity to be a part of social activism on campus, connect with members of the WGSE community, build your skills and resume, and receive a letter of recommendation for positive volunteer involvement.  Additionally, many paid WGSE student staff begin as volunteers before being hired so this is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin getting involved with the department.



Volunteer Info Session



Interested in becoming a WGSE volunteer?
Email Hanna Kiefer, WGSE Programming & Administrative Staff Member.



Elizabeth Ruvalcaba

Elizabeth Ruvalcaba
Volunteer, 2017-2018

I chose to volunteer at WGSE because It was a combination of the two biggest passions in my life: helping others and feminism. This experience has been very rewarding. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about intersectional feminism and have made a name for myself on campus through this program. I would definitely recommend others to become a WGSE volunteer!

Valeryee Jimenez
Volunteer, 2017-2018

I’m a second year BFA Theater major and Feminist Studies minor. Being a volunteer for the WGSE department has introduced me to a wholesome, supportive community of people who are dedicated to making change on campus. I’ve gained lots of knowledge and people skills by volunteering for events and tabling around campus. This program has proven itself to be more of a community and team than anything else and I’m grateful I get to be a part of it.

Srbuhi Gurunyan
Volunteer, 2017-2018

As a volunteer for the WGSE, I've enjoyed being part of a team that promotes positivity and raises awareness on women's issues by tabling on campus and at events. Something I've learned is that the only way to make a change is to put yourself out there, even if it is difficult.