Meet The Staff

jeremyC  Jeremy Chow

  Title: Graduate Student Assitant

  Pronouns: He/Him/His

  Jeremy is currently a doctoral student in the English Department; his research explores British        literature in  conjunction with gender  and sexuality studies.

Sophia Gomez  Sophia Gimenez

 Title: Co-Graduate Student Advisor
  Pronouns: She/Her/hers

  Sophia is a M.A./ Ph.D. student in History of Art and Architecture. She studies early  twentieth        century French art  and visual culture. Her Interests include feminist theory, eroticism,  sexuality,    transgression, otherness, and the sacred. She is  dedicated to  community building through
 applications of  feminist principles, activism, education, and empowerment. The Women's Center
 advocates for these goals and allows the opportunity for collaboration with like-minded members
 of the UCSB community.

eyra   Erya Dordi

 Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

 Eyra Dordi is a second year, double majoring in Sociology and Biology. She is passionate about
 inclusive sexual and reproductive health education, and making UCSB a more accepting and
 inclusive campus community. She is currently a member of QSU, oSTEM, and a former
 Multicultural Awareness Chair for her Residence Hall. In the future she hopes to go to graduate
 school for Public Health

Alicia Green Alicia Nicole Green

 Pronouns: She/Her/hers

 Alicia Nicole Green is a second year student majoring in Biopsychology. She is a programmer for
 the Women's Center who believes in intersectional feminism and complex identities. In the future,
 she would like to become a researcher who finds creative ways to diversify the STEM world.
 Alicia is working for the Women's Center, because she agrees with the core values of the
 department. She wants to work with a feminist organization that fights for all social groups and
 works toward gender equality.

Gabby  Gabby Felder

 Pronouns: She/Her/hers

 Gabby Felder is a third year student double majoring in Ecology and Evolution and Biological
 Anthropology. Her interests include working with underrepresented populations, especially
 women, in STEM fields. She works at the Women’s Center because she enjoys being surrounded
 by like-minded people who share similar interests and worldviews.

Thao-page-001Thao Nguyen

Pronouns: She/her/hers

 Thao Ngyuen is a third year, Feminist Studies major. Her studies/focus of interest is of
 intersectionality, specifically issues relating to how colonialism and imperialism has affected API
 women’s reproductive health and how that community is pushing back through reproductive
 justice. She developed an interest in working for the Women’s Center during her second year as
 a volunteer for the WGSE department. She tabled and attended events that were hosted by the
 resource centers housed under the department. Thao found a community which she connected
 with and wanted to also see herself represent on campus as an AAPI identified women.

Paige  Paige Bradford

 Pronouns: She/her/hers

  Paige Bradford is a Sociology Major, Second Year. Paige is interested in how allies can be a
 better source of support in movements in the future, and how social justice issues effect people’s
 daily lives and relationships. She applied to work at the Women’s Center because their mission
 and vision intersect with her own views and opinions. Paige enjoys working here because she
 gets to work on programs that provide people with support and celebrate different identities