2014 Honorees

Newly Published Women

Brie Adams

Adams, A. (2013).  Needs met through role-playing games: A fantasy theme analysis of Dungeons & Dragons. Kaleidoscope: A Graduate Journal of Qualitative Communication Research, 12(6), 69-86.

Denise Bielby

deniseC. Lee Harrington, Denise D. Bielby, and Anthony R. Bardo. Aging, Media, and Culture.  Lanham, Maryland:  Lexington Books, 2014.

Maurizia Boscagli

mauriziaMaurizia Boscagli. Stuff Theory: Everyday Objects, Radical Materialism.  New York:  Continuum/Bloomsbury, 2014.

Swati Chattopadhyay

swati2Swati Chattopadhyay and Jeremy White, eds., City Halls and Civic Materialism: Towards a Global History of Urban Public Space (Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2014)

Sasha Coles

Coles, Alexandra "Sasha”. “'You Look Like A Boy’: Gendered Representations of Hair Loss in Books for Pediatric Cancer Patients." The Lion and the Unicorn vol. 37, no. 2 (April 2013): 126-142.

Eve Darian-Smith

eveDarian-Smith, E. Laws and Societies in Global Contexts: Contemporary Approaches.  New York: Cambridge UP, 2013. Print.

Corrie Ellis

Ellis, Corrie. "Women Working on a Fair Flower Farm in Ecuador: An Ethnographic Study." In SAGE Research Methods Cases. London, United Kingdom: SAGE Publications, Ltd., 2013.

Jeanette Favrot Peterson

jeanetteFavrot Peterson, J. Visualizing Guadalupe: From Black Madonna to Queen of the Americas (University of Texas Press), 2014.

Lisa Hajjar

lisaLisa Haijar, Torture: A Sociology of Violence and Human Rights. New York: Routledge, 2013. Print. 

Deborah Hobden

Hobden, Deborah. 2014. "Your Mall With it All: Luxury Development in a Globalizing African City." Perspectives in Global Development and Technology. 13: 129-147.

Ann-Elisa Lewallan

ann-elisaLewallen, Ann-Elise. Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2014. Print.

Esther Lezra

estherEsther Lezra. The Colonial Art of Demonizing Others: A Global Perspective. New York: Routledge, 2014.

Ann Plane

Ann PlaneAnn Marie Plane. Dreams and the Invisible World in Colonial New England: Indians, Colonists, and the Seventeenth Century. Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2014.

Sara Poot-Hererra

Linda Putnam

LindaPutnam, Linda L. & Mumby, Dennis K. (Eds.). (2014). The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Communication: Advances in Theory, Research, and Methods (3rd edition). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE. 

Chandra Russo

Russo, Chandra. 2014. "Allies Forging Collective Identity: Embodiment and Emotions on the Migrant Trail." Mobilization: An International Journal 19(1): 67-82. 

Sharilyn Sanders

Sanders, Shari. "Because Neglect Isn't Cute: Tuxedo Stan's Campaign for a Humane World." M/C Journal (April 2014). Web. 

Cynthia Skenazi

CynthiaCynthia Skenazi. Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance: Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne. Leiden: Brill, 2013 (Print and e-book edition). 2nd edition online, open access, Leiden: Brill Open, 2014; Knowledge Unlatched via OAPEN. 

Heather Stoll

HeatherHeather Stoll. Changing Societies, Changing Party Systems. New York: Cambridge UP, 2014.


Sarah Watkins

Watkins, Sarah E. "Good King, Bloody Tyrants, and Everything In Between: Representations of the Monarchy in Post-Genocide Rwanda" with Erin Jessee, History in Africa (forthcoming, 2014)

Chryss Yost

Yost, Chryss. "Mouth & Fruit," Poems by Chryss Yost. Gunpowder Press. April 2014.