Campus Advocacy Resources & Education

Introduction to the Care Student Ambassador Program

CARE's Student Ambassador Program is an organization of student leaders at UCSB who are committed to addressing the issues of rape, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking on our campus. Student ambassadors are leaders on campus, where they are uniquely positioned to outreach to their various communities, groups, and organizations on campus and to effect positive social influence as change agents. They serve as representatives from their organizations to facilitate various awareness programs for their communities and the UCSB community as a whole.

Your commitment to CARE will benefit you by providing:

● Strategies that will empower you to intervene and prevent violence from happening on campus
● Training by campus and community professionals
● Practical experience in appropriate response to survivors
● Opportunities to serve as a central resource for your organization and the campus community
● Important knowledge and skills valued by graduate school programs
● Public speaking and leadership opportunities
● Personal growth and empowerment
● A chance to make a difference in ending violence toward UCSB students

Participation will include:

● A commitment to membership for the full academic year (Fall, Winter & Spring)
● Attendance at the Retreat/training (to be scheduled around participants’ availability)
● Attendance/Participation at monthly meetings
● Assist with and support campus-wide events
● Serve as point of contact for community members who have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking.
● Provide education regarding resources and options to respective student organizations you are involved with, including a commitment to:
    ○ Coordinate one collaborative workshop/program per quarter
    ○ Provide resources to respective groups once a quarter