Campus Advocacy Resources & Education

How We Educate

  • Prevention Education

    In addition to providing advocacy services, CARE also develops and facilitates educational programming on topics including:

    • Sexual Assault
    • Dating/Domestic Violence
    • Stalking
    • Consent
    • Warning Signs of Unhealthy or Abusive Relationships
    • Bystander intervention
  • Training

    The CARE Office also provides training to various on-campus employees, including staff, faculty, RAs, RDs, TAs, and others on topics including:

    • Recognizing Dating/Domestic Violence
    • How to Respond to a Disclosure
    • How to Respond to Incidents of Sexual Violence
    • Warning Signs of Unhealthy or Abusive Relationships
    • Other topics by request
  • Calendar of Events

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  • Schedule a Presentation

    Please e-mail or fill out this form to arrange a program facilitated by CARE staff. The CARE office will contact you during business hours to discuss your request.