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If you choose to submit an anonymous report through the CARE website, your report will be forwarded to the UC Police Department so that they can keep the information on file and share it with appropriate campus offices if they deem this necessary.  Submitting an anonymous report about a recent incident may initiate a timely warning (campus alert) text/email message from UCPD to inform the campus community of a potential ongoing safety threat.  

If you have experienced a sexual assault within the last five days, please visit the Medical information under the “How We Help - Advocacy” tab above or call CARE at 805-893-4613 to learn about the time-sensitive option to seek a free, confidential forensic medical exam.

Though law enforcement will keep your anonymous report on record, an anonymous report typically cannot lead to a law enforcement investigation or action.  If you mark that you wish to be contacted in the event that other reports have been made about the suspect named in your report, UCPD will run a check of their name and - if other reports have been made - will notify CARE so that an advocate can share this information with you. 

To speak with a confidential advocate about reporting or medical options, please call the 24/7 CARE line at 805-893-4613.

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