Non-Traditional Student Resource Center


Jennifer Lugris

Jennifer Lugris, Graduate Assistant  

Jennifer Lugris is a Master of Fine Arts student at the UCSB Department of Art. She is a painter with an interest in social justice. She is excited to be part of the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center (NTSRC) and work with her team to create a strong support system. She particularly enjoys mentoring students by providing academic advice and discussing graduate school opportunities. She aims to empower students to reach their goals and succeed. She hopes you participate in NTSRC on-going events to meet other non-traditional students, provide encouragement during times of need, and share stories of achievement and success.


Brenda Bowen, Administrative Coordinator

Brenda Bowen arrived in the fall of 2016 to UCSB as a transfer student from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. She is majoring in Environmental Studies, with an emphasis in Policy and Law. As a single mother to a bright, active five year old, she is excited to be a peer advisor at the Non-traditional Student Resource Center to not only connect with other non-traditional undergraduate students like herself but also to create a space that readily supports and validates the experiences of being a student that isn’t considered “traditional.” As a single student parent, she has various challenging responsibilities and different needs, balancing the life as a student and finding mommy time. She looks forward to creating positive experiences for single mothers like herself as well as other non-traditional students, in order to continue building a strong support system in which we can all work together and thrive.

Hilda Rocha, Administrative Coordinator

Hilda is a transfer student from San Bernardino Valley College where she double majored in Business Administration and Accounting. She is a current Geography, GIS major and plans to graduate in June of 2017. Her experience in the full-time work force, as well as being a parent, allows her to relate to other non-traditional students. Hilda has been a regular attendee of the Non-traditional Student Resource Center events during her stay at UCSB and is now in her second year as a student intern, assigned to the students with dependents department.

Andrea Mora, Administrative Coordinator

Andrea is a non-traditional transfer student from Santa Barbara City College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Applied Psychology. One of her biggest motivations to pursue her education is to make a difference in her community. She currently volunteers at the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center as a certified sexual assault counselor and works at the community college as a Philosophy tutor and grader. She hopes to bring some of her communication and leadership skills to help improve the experience of fellow Non-traditional students. She is very excited to be a part of this wonderful student resource center and hopes to meet many non-traditional students and help them succeed in any way she can.

Natalie Sigala

Natalie Sigala, Administrative Coordinator

Natalie is a forth year undergraduate student who is double-majoring in Sociology and Spanish. Before working as a student intern for the Non-traditional Student Resource Center, she previously held an internship with AFSCME—a union for service workers—, worked at De La Guerra Dining Commons, and has volunteered in tutoring and caring for children in grade school. This gives her the skills to speak with both parents and children and even understand the difficulties when it comes to having several responsibilities in addition to getting a degree. She is excited to be of use and to become a part of this great community.