Non-Traditional Student Resource Center


Ripley Hayden, Non-Traditional Student Resource Center Intern

Ripley Hayden is a fourth year studying Sociology and Socio-Cultural Linguistics. Her interests moving forward are working in social justice and getting certified as a licensed social worker. She is passionate in advocating for older and returning students and believes that participation within the university can be a transformative experience for those who have the right assistance and guidance. She balances her school and work with painting and and woodworking and would love to assist any students needing support balancing their interests with their academics. Ripley is on the board of the Parent Scholar Task Force and invites fellow Gauchos to share their hopes for changing the UCSB atmosphere to best suit their needs while at the university.


Brenda Bowen, Non-Traditional Student Resource Center Intern

Brenda Bowen arrived in the fall of 2016 to UCSB as a transfer student from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. She is majoring in Environmental Studies, with an emphasis in Policy and Law. As a single mother to a bright, active five year old, she is excited to be a peer advisor at the Non-traditional Student Resource Center to not only connect with other non-traditional undergraduate students like herself but also to create a space that readily supports and validates the experiences of being a student that isn’t considered “traditional.” As a single student parent, she has various challenging responsibilities and different needs, balancing the life as a student and finding mommy time. She looks forward to creating positive experiences for single mothers like herself as well as other non-traditional students, in order to continue building a strong support system in which we can all work together and thrive.


Donna Woloshansky, Non-Traditional Student Resource Center Intern

Donna Woloshansky is a transfer student from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA. As a Non-Traditional Student, her passion for student equity for this population runs deep. Returning to college at the age of 42, was a big commitment as well as a family decision. With her fiancé and two teenage children giving her their full support, Donna commutes from Paso Robles to UCSB in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Socio-Cultural Linguistics. She is on the 2017-2018 Student Affairs Student Council and is working on improving access to education for older students. Donna’s future ambition is to secure a position in Higher Education advising students, as well as, Non-Traditional Students, during their journey.

Shannon Smith, Non-Traditional Student Resource Center Intern

I am a new transfer student from Long Beach City College majoring in Psychology and pursing a double minor in Educational Studies and Applied Psychology. I would like to become a school psychologist and help create supportive environments at schools for students with defiant behavior and/or with disabilities. As a single mother of a seven and eight-year-old, I understand the extra life stressors students likely face while completing school as a non-traditional student. I hope to relieve any academic, emotional, or financial stressors people come into the center with, by offering encouraging words, providing them with useful resources, or connecting them with other people who have similar life experiences. I have prior work experience with children and families and embrace families to come into the center with welcoming arms.