2018-2019 Volunteers

Nhung Tran


Nhung Tran is a first year biology major from Los Angeles, California. She became a WGSE volunteer in hopes of meeting new people and for a learning experience. Nhung aims to take the knowledge learnt here to spread awareness about campus resources and promote equality. On her free time, she enjoys swimming, drinking smoothies, and watching YouTube.


Lea Harlev


Lea Harlev is a first year History major at UCSB. She is as a volunteer at the WGSE for the 2018-2019 school year. Lea hopes to attend many more programs put on by the WGSE in the future and is very excited to be involved with the WGSE this year as she has a passion for intersectional, inclusive feminism. 

Madhusha Sellahewa


I’m a second year Sociology major. Volunteering for the WGSE has been such a rewarding experience, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and important people skills by tabling and volunteering at events around campus, and it introduced me to an amazing team of people!

Alana Ulloa


Hi my name is Alana Ulloa. My pronouns are She/her/hers, I'm a first year History major, and I'm from the High Desert. I love being a volunteer because I get to meet a lot of great new people and am able to inform others of the great resources the WSGE offers!

Ari Moini


Hi everyone! I'm Ari (she/her/hers), I'm a second year Sociology/Political Science double major and I had the opportunity to become part of the WGSE team this year! I'm from Santa Rosa, California, but call IV home. It's important to me that our campus be a safe space for all of our students; volunteering for the WGSE has allowed me to channel my passion for equality and give back to my UCSB community!

Caroline Gee


Caroline Gee is a first-year Pre-Biology major who intends to pursue a career in healthcare. She strives to increase the representation of women in STEM and promote feminist values in healthcare professions. Caroline is ecstatic to be a Women's Center Volunteer as she is passionate about gender and sexual inclusivity and equity. As a volunteer, Caroline enjoys promoting and attending WGSE events; she is especially motivated to help create safe spaces for productive dialogue about self-care and issues of stereotypes and discrimination.

Julia Skye


Hey y'all! I'm Julia! I'm a third year History major and a Feminist Studies minor, and I absolutely love being a WGSE Volunteer. I enjoy art, dogs, baking, astrology, and intersectional feminism.

Yasmine Ibrahim


Hi! My name is Yasmine and I am a second year Political Science major and hopeful French minor. I love being a WGSE Volunteer and spreading the word about the wonderful work the center does. Also I love making the badass buttons.

Priscilla Zamora


Hi all! My name is Priscilla Zamora. I am a 3rd year Political Science/Sociology double major from the Inland Empire. Super stoked to be a WGSE Volunteer and share all of the wonderful resources offered, while further advocating for a more inclusive environment on campus!