Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity


Women's Center Lounge

Lounge 2

Non-Traditional Student Resource Center Lounge

Lounge 2

The WGSE has two lounges available for student use -- one in the Women's Center and one in the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center.

Discover new resources.

Find information about healthy relationships, personal safety, identity development, and more. Check out our bulletin boards to learn about events happening on campus or around town. Our staff can help point you to the resources you need to thrive at UCSB.

Reserve our conference room.

Consider holding the next meeting of your student group, campus department, or university-affiliated organization in the Women’s Center conference room. The room has modular chairs, is equipped with a data projector, and can accommodate up to 30 people. Contact 893-3778 or email for availability and scheduling.

View our art gallery

Our conference room previously doubled as an art gallery, featuring art that explored themes of gender and social justice. 

Check out an educational passive.

We have over 30 “passives,” educational materials that can be easily displayed on bulletin boards. Passives such as “Intersectional Feminism” and “Pillow Talk” provide information and resources on issues of equity, respect, and social justice.

Check out a library book or DVD.

We have tons of library books and DVDs available to check out in the Women's Center Library.