Non-Traditional Student Resource Center

25+ Undergraduates & 29+ Graduates

At UCSB and many other traditional colleges, older students may need or want additional services to make sure they are succeeding and feeling connected. The Non-traditional Student Resource Center is a part of UCSB student affairs to meet those needs.

There are Non-traditional Students in all majors. They come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and have different life experiences. However, as students, they also have many concerns in common. Undergraduate students who are 25+ and graduate students who are 29+ often have concerns such as finding the time to study while possibly working one or more jobs and making time for friends and relationships. At times, having many obligations can be difficult to manage and can create a stressful situation. That is where the Non-traditional Student Resource Center comes in as a support system throughout students’ academic and personal journeys. In order to help students are goals are:

  • To connect students in order to create a sense of community through different programming events

  • To provide or guide students to various types of resources including: childcare grants, priority registration, scholarship/grant opportunities, counseling and support groups, community building, housing options, academic resources, etc.

  • To create a safe and welcoming space in our resource center for Non-traditional students

  • To provide excellent staff members who are committed to advocating for the success of students by acting as a liaison between students and university resources

To learn about different opportunities on campus visit:

To contact the Non-traditional Student Resource Center click here.