Non-Traditional Student Resource Center


Orfalea Family Children's Center

Located on West Campus, and the University Children's Center, located in the Student Resource Building, provide child care for student, staff and faculty families within the University community. Community families are also welcome. The Centers are accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs and are licensed by the State Department of Social Services. Infant and toddler classrooms care for children ages 3 months to 3 years in small, intimate groups.

These classrooms provide children with primary caregivers and a gentle loving environment. Children 3 to 5 years of age are cared for in mixed-age classrooms. The relationships within the classroom community both with peers and teachers are valued. All classrooms offer a rich variety of spaces, materials and activities organized to promote children’s active exploration and allow for mastery in all realms of development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative.

The goals of the program reflect an abiding sense of respect for all children, their unique cultures and individual development. Close ties with families are valued to ensure the best quality care possible. Parents are encouraged to be active in the program by serving on the Parent Council, spending time in their child’s classroom, attending parent education meetings, joining support groups and most of all, communicating on a regular basis with their child’s teacher. In addition, resource and referral services are available to all University families for individual family needs.

Interested parents are advised to put their child’s name on the waitlist and ask about our tuition subsidies for low-income families. 

Facility #: 421708882, 421709944, 426206965, 426211959, 426211960 

Contact us: Administrative Directory
Phone: (805) 893-3665
FAX: (805) 893-4907

Associated Students Emergency Loans

Students in need of emergency funds may request a short-term loan through the Associated Students Cashiers and Ticket Office. This loan is eligible to all registered undergraduate students The loan is interest free and may not exceed $600.00 per academic quarter. A student applicant can select one of three loan options, as long as the total for any given academic quarter does not exceed the $600 limit. These options are $200, $400, or $600. There is a $5 Associated Students handling fee for each loan so the net amount received is $195, $395, and $595 respectively. In addition, the BARC Office charges a separate $10 administration fee for each loan.

Upon funds disbursement, applicants agree to repay the loans within 30 days from when the loan posts to student BARC accounts. Any defaulted loans will be dealt with according to the procedures followed by the BARC office, which processes and will determine the uncollectible funds.

For more information, check out the website.


UCSB Family Student Housing Information:

UCSB Community Housing Office:


CLAS (Campus Learning Assistance Services) 

Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) assists students in their mastery of University course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills development. CLAS services complement University instructions and lead to increased understanding and improved performance.

To contact CLAS call (805) 893-3269, or enroll at

EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) 

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is committed to providing a support and information base that validates each student's experience and nurtures a sense of participation, belonging and empowerment. Through mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/advising, campus student support service referrals and social/cultural programming

EOP services all students, while focusing on those who are income eligible and first-generation undergraduates. Excellence, achievement, leadership and community serve as the key elements to EOP's purpose.

To contact, please call (805) 893-4758 or visit

Financial Aid

To learn about financial aid options call 805.893.2432 or visit

Food Bank

The Associated Students Food Bank is a student-run service that is available to all UCSB students, both graduate and undergraduate. We aim to eradicate hunger from our campus community by providing basic food supplies, toiletries, and information about additional resources to students in need.

Hours of operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Visit for more information.

Social Workers in Health Services

The social work services role is to meet with students to identify: obstacles, needs, strengths, and goals. Together the social worker and student develop a plan to access resources needed to overcome these obstacles and support the student's strengths. Social worker services serves as the main campus contact point, making referrals when it is unclear where a student should go for assistance. The ultimate goal is for students to maximize their college experience while at UCSB. Students are eligible for these social work services at no cost.

For an appointment with a social worker call (805) 893-3087.

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) 

The mission of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is to assist Student Affairs and the University as a whole in helping the student body achieve academic, social and personal success. Through the provision of mental health services, CAPS strives to help ensure that students - as well as the larger campus community - remain healthy in this pursuit of success. CAPS promotes the emotional well-being of students through individual and group psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and stress management services. CAPS also provides consultation to the campus community including students, faculty, staff and parents. Our objective is to help in the creation and maintenance of a healthy campus environment. We educate, support, advocate and help foster a culture of acceptance and appreciation of human differences. In the provision of services, CAPS staff strive to offer a safe, inclusive and affirming environment for all.

CAPS also provides consultation to the campus community including students, faculty, staff and parents. Our objective is to help in the creation and maintenance of a healthy campus environment. We educate, support, advocate and help foster a culture of acceptance and appreciation of human differences. In the provision of services, CAPS staff strive to offer a safe, inclusive and affirming environment for all.

CAPS advocates for and strives to foster a culture of acceptance and appreciation of human differences. Special efforts have been made to extend Counseling and Psychological Services to diverse student populations. Liaisons have been established with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Disabled Students Program (DSP), the Women’s Center, Housing and Residential Life, and the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (RCSGD). CAPS maintains satellite offices with full-time staffing at EOP and the main graduate student housing complex.

For more information, please visit the CAPS website at , or call the office at (805) 893-4411

If you need phone consultation after business hours or on weekends, please call (805) 893-4411 and follow the instructions.

CAB (Community Affairs Board) 

The AS/UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCSB’s Volunteer Action Center, is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all UCSB Students by providing information and easy access to community service work. Through a wide range of projects and community programs, CAB seeks to augment classroom experiences, create opportunities for career exploration, connect UCSB to the community in a meaningful way, and promote the ethics of public service.

Childcare Grants:

Phone: (805) 893-2566

DSP (Disabled Students Program)

The DSP staff works in an advisory capacity with a variety of campus departments to ensure that equal access is provided to all disabled students. Students with disabilities are responsible for ensuring that the Disabled Students Program (DSP) is aware of their disabilities and for providing DSP with appropriate documentation.



Free Bus Sticker for SBMTD:

Make sure you are registered for the quarter, and that all your academic fees have been paid. Go to the A.S. ticket office located at the Multi-cultural Center by the University Center. Present your Student Access Card, and ask for a bus sticker. When you board any SBMTD bus, show them your sticker, and you will be ready to go!

Family Literacy Program

 The UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB) offers free tutoring in English or Spanish for children of all ages in math, reading, writing, and English language.

The program is located at the Isla Vista Community Center


270 Embarcadero del Mar
Isla Vista, CA 93117

Monday 5pm-6pm
Wednesday 5pm-6pm

To apply you can either:

  • Fill out this Google form
  • Or print out this form and bring it to CAB office in person, located on the 2nd floor at the Multi Cultural Center Building
    • Please note: If you bring the forms in person you will only be able to meet with CAB, but not able to get tutoring services until the next week.

Application available at
For more information or have questions contact: