Non-Traditional Student Resource Center



Jamiee Cook, NTSRC Graduate Assistant

Jamiee Cook is the Graduate Assistant for the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center. As an intersectional feminist, she is committed to promoting the values of UCSB’s Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity department. She is also an English PhD student and TA who studies 20th century literature, LGBTQIA narrative and politics, and feminist studies. In her spare time, she enjoys taking way too many photos of her cat and exploring Santa Barbara with her partner.


Lexy Salvador Khiev, NTSRC Administrative Coordinator

Lexy is a second year undergraduate student double majoring in Communications and Film and Media Studies. Although she is not a non-traditional student, she is eager to utilize her own experiences growing up with parents who were non-traditional students to extend a helping hand to anyone who may need it. Lexy has always enjoyed making positive impacts on people’s lives, from doing community service for charities to publishing film projects for schools. It is her goal to keep the non-traditional student resource center a safe and engaging environment, where she can continue to make those positive impacts.


Paulina Leang, NTSRC Administrative Coordinator

Paulina is an Anthropology major entering her senior year at UCSB as a non-traditional student. In her spare time, she indulges in her yoga practice, people watching, and fresh air. She is passionate about food, writing, and life in general. She hopes to use her time at the NTSRC to help other students with similar experiences navigate college life.


Shannon Smith, NTSRC Administrative Coordinator

Shannon’s favorite part about working with the Non-Traditional Resource Center is making connections with others that she can laugh with and share life experiences with. Among helping other “non-trads” by providing resources, she truly values the friendships made through the center. She is a single mother, and had children at a young age. Her experiences have helped her relate to many UCSB students that are not represented enough here. Shannon has lived in the Santa Barbara area for over a year now and enjoys running along the beach and walking around State St. downtown. She hopes to graduate this June with a major in Psychology and is excited to continue to pursue a nursing career.


Brenda Bowen, NTSRC Administrative Coordinator

Brenda Bowen arrived in the fall of 2016 to UCSB as a transfer student from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. She is majoring in Environmental Studies, with an emphasis in Policy and Law. As a single mother to a bright, active five year old, she is excited to be a peer advisor at the Non-traditional Student Resource Center to not only connect with other non-traditional undergraduate students like herself but also to create a space that readily supports and validates the experiences of being a student that isn’t considered “traditional.” As a single student parent, she has various challenging responsibilities and different needs, balancing the life as a student and finding mommy time. She looks forward to creating positive experiences for single mothers like herself as well as other non-traditional students, in order to continue building a strong support system in which we can all work together and thrive.